Main lines of the joint responsibility agreement of treatment between Advertisers, Affiliates and Effinity.

Affiliation is a commercial technique whereby a merchant site (the Advertiser) makes use of third-party sites (Affiliates) to promote its products or services. This promotion occurs most often by disseminating the advertising campaigns of the Advertiser on the Affiliate’s website, or in e-mail campaigns by the Affiliate.

The relationship building between the Advertisers and the Affiliates, as well as the follow-up of the relationship, are provided by the company EFFILIATION (simplified joint-stock company registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under no. 432 831 550, with its registered office is located at 80, rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris).

In this context, the Affiliate sites include trackers created by EFFILIATION that collect information about the browsing and actions performed by the users who visit the Affiliate sites. This information is collected to track the performance of the Advertiser’s advertising campaigns and calculate the compensation due by the Advertisers to the Affiliates and to EFFILIATION.

For each campaign, the Affiliate, the Advertiser, and EFFILIATION act as “joint data controllers” within the meaning of the regulations on the protection of personal data. This document aims to communicate the broad outlines of their agreement.

Contractual framework: Our contractual relationship is governed by the following documents: 1/ the general terms and conditions of sale concluded between EFFILIATION and the Advertisers; 2/ the general terms and conditions of affiliation concluded between EFFILIATION and the Affiliates; and 3/ the conditions applicable between the Affiliates and the Advertisers.

Information: The Affiliates undertake to publish on their website the information notices required by the regulations on personal data.

Respect of the purpose – prohibition of cross-checking: EFFILIATION, the Advertiser and the Affiliate undertake not to use this data for purposes other than identifying and counting the events that could generate remuneration for the Affiliates. The Advertiser and the Affiliate are prohibited from transferring to EFFILIATION any additional data that would allow EFFILIATION to be able to identify the internet users directly or indirectly through cross-checking.

Processing of the rights of persons: EFFILIATION and the Advertiser, on the one hand, and EFFILIATION and the Affiliate, on the other hand, agree mutually to transmit to each other without delay the requests they receive from the people concerned who wish to exercise their rights of access, opposition, deletion, limitation and portability and to grant such requests where they are justified.