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Yann, Head of Acquisition
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At Effiliation, we strive to move ahead and relentlessly innovate by following ever evolving trends of e-commerce. As a result, we deliver the best practices in the field of affiliation to our customers.


Experience shows that many publishers are looking to register for affiliation programmes directly on advertisers’ sites. That’s what we call passive recruitment. Effiliation offers easy implementation of such recruitment form.
Having a high volume of affiliates is great, but in order to control your brand’s image, it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with existing affiliates that form your programme and master the quality of new affiliates joining it. Effiliation offers real visibility on your affiliate network giving you the option to manually approve new affiliates.
Given the multitude of Publishers, it is not always easy for Advertisers to spot new Affiliates with strong potential in their business. Effiliation analyses your traffic and recommend the most relevant affiliates who are not yet subscribed to your programme.


Voucher sites often have a prominent role in the affiliate network. They can account for generating significant amount of traffic and drive conversion, but they can also cannibalize sales by claiming the last click, even if they weren’t the ones to initiate the sale in the first place. Effiliation helps find out whether voucher sites bring in new business (prior to basket creation) or whether they intervene once a user is already engaged (after a basket is created) in order to adapt their compensation based on their contribution to sales.
Emailing remains a strong sales channel. It suits different advertising strategies, whether they are small or large scale. Some Advertisers leave it to affiliates to retrieve the emailing kit, whereas others require preview and routing approval along with deduplication of affiliate’s databases to ease marketing pressure. Effiliation provides continuous control of emailing affiliates based on your expectations.
Product flow is an essential tool in affiliation. But in order to maximize its potential, it needs to be adapted to different affiliates’ requirements. A specialized publisher, for instance, would only be interested in the products relevant to their field of activity. Effiliation integrates your product flow and redistributes it in its entirety or in relevant segments, as required by different affiliates.


Every advertiser has its own methods and tools to analyze performance. Certain KPIs are threfore more important than others in their digital acquisition strategy. Effiliation offers customised reporting for every customer..
Campaigns tracking is essential to ensure monitoring and performance of affiliation campaigns. As conversion paths are becoming increasingly more complex, and happen across multiple devices, a multi-point and multi-device tracking is essential. Effiliation offers a multi-point and multi-device tracking tool to identify contributions of different affiliates’ to the same sale. This tool works with or without cookies, to make sure we capture maximum information on users.
An affiliation programme could be compared to a “living organism”. Affiliates subscribe, unsubscribe, become active or inactive, etc, which is why it is important to have a visibility on the evolution of one’s partners’ network. Effiliation analyzes its affiliate network to provide you with a visibility on a number of new affiliates on a monthly basis, active or inactive ones, as well as the ones that generate sales, etc.


It’s common that many channels contribute to a sale. As a result, we separate Affiliates who generated a last-click sale (direct sale) and the Affiliate who have only contributed to one(indirect sale). In order to recognize the latter’s contribution, it is recommended to allocate a partial commission to an Affiliate who participated in generating a sale, for instance, half the commissions of the last-click affiliate. Effiliation provides an opportunity to remunerate affiliates based on attribution model for indirect sales.
Historically, affiliate commissions are based on the generated turnover. However, for certain Advertisers, it is more relevant to commission partners based on profit or the type of products sold. Effiliation adapts affiliate commissions based on a margin after a sale or product category in question.
A purchase made by an existing or new customer does not necessarily have the same weight for you. As new customer acquisition is essential for e-commerce companies, it seems more relevant to give more weight to them compared to existing customers. Effiliation helps adapt compensation based on customer type.


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