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Pierre, head of acquisition
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Our regional, national and international offices ensure human closeness to all our Advertising and Editing partners.

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Innovation and permanent monitoring allow us to anticipate and create models and technologies adapted to your new issues.

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Our affiliation teams are aimed at supporting you in your digital acquisition by helping you benefit from the best practices.


With our international presence and wide network of publishers, we support you in your development in Europe, Brazil and Russia.

with confidence

In the affiliation market for 18 years, we have been able to face the evolution of habits and digital attribution models.


Effiliation defines a customised strategy for each of its customers, based on their goals, field of activity, their reach, etc.

With affiliation, we recommend to activate multiple combinations of different acquisition channels. By modifying the different combinations, we produce unique models.

Finding the best possible combination by enabling the most relevant channels, is the role of our affiliation experts.

They implement the best solutions by your side every day. We offer to discover some of their strategies...

Thematic websites

The expert: Maxime, Account Manager at Effiliation.

The problem: How does Maisonsdumonde France ensure its brand positioning and contextualisation of its affiliation products?

The solution: We implement a recruitment and activation strategy of theme affiliates (webzines, portals, shopping guides, etc.) following an approved methodology.

In addition, we identify non-registered publishers thanks to our Effisugest technology, and we ensure consistency in recruitment, facilitation, and conversion with our Go Back Home and Affiliate Breeding processes.


The expert: Marine, Influence Solutions Manager at BrandYouLike

The problem: Tadaaz, specialist in customised notifications, wanted to develop the reputation of its services.

The solution: We have implemented an influence campaign with blog articles and posts on social networkson two different topics: Marriage and Birth.

Specialist articles focus on highlighting know-how and quality of service.

In order to boost social network posts, we have organised competitions, as well as exclusive codes for influencer communities on both topics  covered by the advertiser.


The expert: Julia, International Business Developer

The problem:  Eurosport wished to launch acquisition campaigns in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain.

The solution:  Our local agencies constantly deal with everyday campaign development and adapt to market trends in question. Our platform centralises results and allows to monitor performance globally. Thus, Eurosport has its own recommendations for every country and a unique reference for its campaigns.

Discount codes

The expert: Victor, Account Manager

The problem: How do you acquire new customers and ensure the visibility of Coupon and Promo Code sites without being subject to them?

The solution: We work with a limited number of players to ensure we control how the promotional codes are published and to guarantee their validity . Our technology which measures the engagement rate helps us remunerate publishers based on customer journey analysis. This technology  determines, whether a customer has already been engaged on the Advertiser’s site prior to the purchase or not.

Lead generation

The expert: Estelle, Head of Montpellier Agency

The problem: Hérault Tourisme wanted to organise a prospect recruitment campaign while giving value the destination, each partner and their territory.

The solution:  We have developed a mini recruitment site, specifically designed to give value to each territory by involving the site’s visitors in the discovery and choice of a destination.  We promoted this mini site through a range of carefully selected publishers and via emailing campaigns. Mission accomplished!


The expert: Anthony, Team Leader Agence B2B

The problem: Boygues Telecom Entreprises aimed to generate B2B leads through content marketing in order to reduce dependence on their classic emailing acquisition campaigns.

The solution:  as a result, we have thus developed a series of white papers revolving around Bouyges Telecom Entreprises’ offers which generated over 1,700 leads in 4 months.

Hybrid technology

The expert: Victor, Account Manager

The problem: A large chain specialised in leisure, multimedia and household appliances was looking for a custom-built tool to directly monitor its top affiliates.

The solution: Thanks to Effiliation’s technology, we have implemented this solution,  along with a recurrent recruitment activity of long-tail affiliates from our network. It was a massive success!

Small e-commerce businesses

The expert: Élodie, Team Leader of Selldorado, develops a visibility of small e-commerce companies with a simplified affiliation platform

The problem: Our customers seek a simple way to promote themselves and develop their sales without financial risk!

The solution:  Selldorado automatically advertises them with the biggest publishers: voucher and cashback sites, advertising retargeting and remarketing partners, all of which adds 15% to their turnover.




Simple, solid and accessible multi-lingual and multi-currency interfaces  help you implement, test and optimise your digital acquisition.


Thanks to our proprietary tracking tool, we measure and efficiently remunerate all the initiatives undertaken by your partners, whether they are CPM / CPC / CPL / CPA, or a combination of those.


A time-tested organisation providing tools suited to your administrative and financial organisation to manage cash flows resulting in the activity delivered by your partners.


A solution designed to facilitate the relationship with your different business getters, whether in terms of brand reputation, traffic or conversion.


We represent your values and we consider ourselves your ambassadors. We are strongly attached to the ethics of this field and we fight all kinds of fraud.


A wide range of various business sectors covered

Effiliation has a network of over 45,000 publishers, 37,000 of which are from BtoC sectors of activity, whereas the remaining 12,000 are dedicated to B2B.

The Non-specialized sites (33%*), Media (14%*) and High Tech (12%*) sites are among the most represented, followed by publishers Fashion & Lifestyle (9%*), Health & Beauty (6%*) and Interior Design (5%*).

Regardless of your business sector, you will find partners in alignment with your products or services.

The purpose of affiliates in the sales process

In order to accompany our Advertisers in their digital acquisition cycles, Effiliation has a network of affiliates covering all stages of your customers’ journey:
Branding/Awareness (9%*): Coregistration & Emailing, Programmatic Advertising & Media Agencies, Sub-Networks, SU & Footer, Search Ads
Consideration (76%*): Influencers, Portals / Thematic Sites, Wishlists, Shopping Guides & Product Test sites
Evaluation (8%*): Comparison Sites
Optimisation (7%*): Voucher & Deal sites, Cashback & Reward sites
Purchase (2%*): Email Remarketing / Banner, Onsite Remarketing

*Percentage of the total number of publishers in this category



A hyper-customised affiliation platform

Effinity social ads

A Social Media Ads solution for the brands

brandyoulike influenceur

A solution to manage your influence marketing campaigns

Effinity marketing technologies

A white-label affiliation platform for independent publisher management

Agence b2b

A digital acquisition solution for BtoB

le pavillon rouge

A solution to create
and promote your content


An automated solution for small e-commerce businesses


Local SEO to bring forward different points of sales and local promotions